Difference between Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing, In today’s time, marketing has been divided into several parts, or as you say, the methods of marketing have changed. In earlier times there was no craze among the people for marketing and for this reason, there was not as much competition in the marketing line as it is today. Through traditional marketing, people used to promote their products and remained depended on it.

Gradually the time changed, people also started changing and hence the way of marketing also changed. Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing ,Traditional marketing and digital marketing are both are the platforms of marketing but the way of pursuing it, is completely different. So let’s know what is Traditional Marketing and what is Digital Marketing.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is a platform through which you personally reach with your products or services to people. In the traditional way of marketing, you used to place them in different places through banners, poster, pamphlets, in addition,which ultimately needs a huge amount of investment. The promotion or advertisement of any product or services on television, radio, and newspaper is also marketed in the traditional way. Traditional marketing fits for the big businesses but what about small businesses which runs with very small amount. Since traditional marketing needs huge investment, therefore every business is unable to use it.

TV & Radio

When any company launches any of its new products or services, then usually finds a mean to promote it which most people like and are associated with it. In today’s time most of the people are connected to a TV, thus the businesses promote their existence through TV.

Newspapers, Banners, Posters

Many times you go to the market, you will see many banners, posters on the way, this is a means of doing traditional marketing. If you find any product on banner, then after you get information about the product.
Newspaper is also a great example of print media to acknowledge people about your products or services. A newspaper goes to almost all the houses, this means the most of the companies are reaching to you. Most of the companies promote their stuffs for publicity and hence use newspaper platform.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the bridge that leads a product to the right customer at the right time, in today’s, people spend most of their time on social media. If people want to purchase anything, they search it and order it through online. Now a days people want comfortably like not wanted to go outside to purchase anything but what they want, they want they must get all their stuffs in their home only and their wish have already been solved through online.

In today’s time, when people need any news or information, they prefer to use an online platform rather than a newspaper. When they want to watch a movie, they prefer online platform rather than TV. If people need anything, then they get it very quickly through online, which is one of the best platform of doing marketing digitally.

Why Digital Marketing is Important to your Business

In this highly competitive market every company wants to have maximum sales with least budget with strong conversion rate and hence a digital marketing is the best platform that brings more leads for their business growth and success. That’s why most companies give first priority to grow their business digitally. Whenever a company launch any of its product they prefer digital marketing.

Today, when people are at home in the Corona era, many companies are able to reach their products through digital, due to digital marketing, many companies have high growth rates. Digital marketing has become a very easy platform that can be used even by small and small businesses and can grow their business, that too every small shop can become big with digital marketing in the least budget.

Platform Through Where The Digital Marketing Works?


Blogging is a platform from which we can reach our ideas to the people, in which you have to create a blog with the name of your company, in which you give information about your company one by one and when you create a new product if launched, we can also share the details of that product in this blog. Blogging is an excellent platform from the point of view of digital marketing.


In this, you will write the details of whatever product is launched by your company as content and in it, you will have to write extraordinary content so that people will read like and follow your content and this will also increase the popularity of your business. It is an excellent platform, you can reach people very easily through digital marketing.


If you want maximum traffic to your website on your blog, then SEO is a very strong tool that can bring a lot of traffic to your blog and website, through SEO you can promote your website on the top of the search engine without investing a single penny. To use SEO, you should have a good knowledge of optimization when a user types a keyword on Google, then a number of different websites come on the first page of the search engine and if you have done the optimization of your website properly then Google will bring it on the top, which will increase the traffic on your website and more and more people will read your blog and your business popularity will increase.


Social media is an important part of digital marketing, in today’s time, most people are more active on social media. And somewhere, social media has become a huge market because when you think about opening a shop somewhere, the only thing that comes in mind is that, which place where more people are coming from, social media is such a platform in today’s time, it has been made that you can promote any of your products and the best thing is that what people think about your product, you will come to know through a comment. With this, you can improve your product further.


When you read a blog, you see many product ads on them, these ads are shown by Google. Google AdWords is a paid service. In this we, Google has to pay for a click. Through this, any businessman can promote his product. Through Google Adword, you can reach your right customer in working time. In this, you have to follow all the guidelines by Google and if you follow all the rules correctly then Google will bring your ads on the top.

YouTube Channel Marketing

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, where you can promote any of your products or services through video, you must have seen that whenever you watch a video, a short video comes in the middle of the video. We see the ad as a video. It is a promotion video of a product of a company, YouTube is a very big business platform through digital marketing.